While X (Twitter) has gone through many changes recently, the fact still stands that it is an incredibly powerful tool for creators to use to monetize their online presence.

X offers numerous opportunities for making money from sponsored content to affiliate marketing similar to other popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

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How to Earn Money On X (Twitter)

With the vast array of monetization opportunities, many creators are able to turn their tweets into tangible earnings. It’s advisable to prioritize a few methods rather than all to ensure focus and effectiveness. The most profitable method of the opportunities listed varies by creator warranting some experimentation for each creator themselves to test what methods have the highest success rates.

1. Sponsored Content

This method is one of the most obvious routes of monetization for content creators. Traditionally, sponsored content involves partnering with brands to promote their products or services through your tweets.

To start, you can join influencer marketing platforms or reach out directly to brands. No upfront payment is required from you. The effort involves creating and posting content as per the brand's requirements. Earning potential varies based on your follower count and engagement rates, but active influencers with large engagement rates and follower counts can earn substantial fees per sponsored tweet.

2. X Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing on X involves sharing product links and earning a commission on sales generated through your referrals. You can sign up for affiliate programs via networks like Amazon Associates or directly through companies. There is no cost to join these programs, and most of the programs offer anywhere from 5-30% commission on the product sales that are generated via your specific link. It requires regular tweeting and engaging content to drive traffic. The earning potential depends on the commission rates and the volume of sales you generate, making it a viable income source with consistent effort.

3. Amplify Pre-Roll

According to X’s blog, “Amplify Pre-roll automatically pairs pre-roll from advertisers with premium, brand-safe video content on X using the tags you’ve chosen for each video.” It’s available to partners in the Amplify Publisher Program and is an “easy and effective way to drive additional revenue for publishers.” This revenue-share program allows creators to choose which videos they’d like to monetize. The brand also has the opportunity to amplify the content to share it with a wider audience if it is high-performing.

4. Subscriptions

The platform also allows for your most engaged followers to subscribe to exclusive content that you share behind a paywall. Creators with subscriptions have an exclusive “Subscribe” button on their profile.

In your subscription, you can offer a variety of content and features such as exclusive posts, Spaces for conversations, subscriber-only replies, a Subscriber Badge, and subscriber-exclusive direct messaging.

Each creator is able to set the monthly price of their subscription that they choose. According to X, “you’ll be eligible to get paid up to 97% of the revenue X has earned from the content you create, after in-app purchase fees, until you reach $50,000 in lifetime earnings from X across all X monetization products.” After $50,000 in lifetime earnings, there is a different payment structure.

5. Tips Feature

Similar to other popular platforms, your followers have the option to give you a “tip” for sharing your content. Supporters will be able to tap the “Tips” button with the dollar icon and send you money or Bitcoin via a third-party payment service that is chosen by the creator.

You can set up this feature by going to “Edit Profile”, then tapping “Tips”. This feature will be set to “off” by default, but you can toggle it “on” to get this feature set up.

Aside from agreeing to the tipping guidelines set in place by X, the only requirement is that you are at least 18 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does X Work?

X (formerly known as “Twitter”) is a social media platform designed for sharing short messages. It's free to create an account. To get started, visit X’s website or download the app, sign up with your email, choose a username, and complete your profile. X allows users to follow others, engage through likes, retweets, and comments, and stay updated with real-time information and trends.

How Do You Go Viral On X?

To increase your chances of a viral post, focus on creating engaging, relatable, and timely content. Utilize trending hashtags, interact with popular posts, and post consistently. Visual content, such as images and videos, also tends to perform well. Engaging with your followers and other users can boost visibility and help your posts gain traction.

How Much Does X Pay For Views?

X itself does not directly pay users per view. However, earning potential from the platform comes through various monetization strategies like sponsored content, affiliate marketing. The follower count can significantly impact your earnings, as brands often look for influencers with substantial and engaged followings.

Bottom Line

While the platform is going through many changes under the ownership of Elon Musk, monetizing your presence on X is a very possible reality for many creators. Focus on methods that align with your brand and engage your audience effectively to maximize earnings.