IDK if you've noticed, but dating in your 30s nowadays takes the strength, will, and confidence of a million average men to survive. Here are 15 tweets that prove it.

1. Agree, they can literally meet at any McDonald’s PlayPlace in America.

Twitter: @justsydnyc / Via Twitter: @Justsydnyc

2. Standards? Never met her. Can you read, and does your card on file with Uber Eats work?

Twitter: @PlagueOfGripes / Via Twitter: @PlagueOfGripes

3. Black Cat, here! Not sure how I would survive ending up with a Golden Retriever personality type, but I guess I would have to try.

Twitter: aardvarsk / Via Twitter: @aardvarsk

4. I could think of three dozen more reasons why dating men is funny, but this is a good starting point.

Twitter: @holy_schnitt / Via Twitter: @holy_schnitt

5. Hey married friends! Before you give dating advice, just remember — DON’T.

Twitter: @kaylajohnsonatla / Via Twitter: @kaylajohnsonatl

6. Why are you using punctuation, do you hate me??

Twitter: @RefilweSeboko / Via Twitter: @RefilweSeboko

7. I’m not seeing the problem here, am I the problem here?

@MajorPhilebrity / Via Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity

8. Unfortunately, I think you’re on to something, Mean Maria.

Twitter: @mitchellscomet / Via Twitter: @mitchellscomet

9. Excuse me, what do you know that we don’t know? What are we training for?? Because I’m not joining a run club under any circumstances, babe.

Twitter: @Azulllaa / Via Twitter: @Azulllaa

10. 10/10 no notes.

Twitter: @thinklikegemini / Via Twitter: @thinklikegemini

11. Not one note! I will disappear in a FLASH.

@NoContextBrits / Via Twitter: @NoContextBrits

12. Yes, AND YES! Because absolutely not. No, I’m not up. It’s 8 p.m., sweetie.

Twitter: @mvddm / Via Twitter: @mvddm

13. Are you suggesting that I, BE MYSELF? Is that really what it’s come to??

Twitter: @t0nit0ne / Via Twitter: @t0nit0ne

14. Yes, of course. Please bring extra tablets to our first date if we make it that far. Thx.

Twitter: @hingo / Via Twitter: @hingo

15. I couldn't have said it better myself. Ya’ll be safe out there, ya hear!?

Twitter: tree_no_branch / Via Twitter: @tree_no_branch

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