Magium is now available on the iOS. Here is the link to the App Store and our blog

Update: Chapter 11 of book 2 has been uploaded on android, which means that book 2 is now available in its entirety. On iOS it will depend on how fast Apple approves the update.

Magium is a text adventure game where you play as an ordinary guy trying to win a mage tournament against the most powerful mages in the world, in the hopes of winning the grand prize, and using it to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a mage yourself.

As you progress, you will also get to know the inhabitants of the continent that the tournament takes place on, and you will learn that a person called the Creator established several utopias in this realm a few hundred years ago, where animals and humans could live in harmony, and where food was created through magic. What you will get to experience throughout the game, however, is the downfall of these utopias, and you can even choose to save them from destruction if you so desire.

Besides the traditional choice making, you also have stats you can level up, and there are different checks in the game to see if you have the necessary level to take a certain action. For example, if your ancient languages level is high enough, you can understand when the animals or monsters speak.

The first book can be played for free, with ads, on Google Play, but in order to unlock the second book (of which only the first eight chapters have been written so far) you will need to either complete 25 out of 35 achievements, or pay to remove ads for the first book.

You can also play the game on this site, up until the second to last chapter of the first book, by pressing on the ‘Play game’ tab.